Sometimes I find products and specialty items that are so tasty or special that I have to let my viewers know. Here are some of the things I find at the top of my list;

Caramel de Beurre - French Salted Caramel Sauce.
Some of the best Caramel Sauce on the planet.
Made from only four ingredients, Sugar, Cream, Butter and Fleu-de-sel ( French Sea Salt)
it is a rich, silky smooth, caramel sauce made in the French tradition with just a touch of imported sea salt.
Drizzle over French crepes, sliced pears, apples or pour over a scoop of French vanilla ice cream.
Comes in two sizes.
2 oz for $ 2.99 and  6 oz for $5.99
Made by

Le Mieux Foods
PO Box 16641
Portland, Oregon 97292

Shipped the next day after ordering, UPS or FEDEX  shipping options available