Here is some of the questions that people have asked me. If you think of something that I would find interesting to answer, just ask! If it is not to intrusive, I will do my best to answer. Just click on the Contact link above.

Who is behind the Chefs Notebook?
  • I am.  No one else is responsible for this site except me.  
How long have you been involved with food?
  • I grew up in a family that liked to cook. My father was a Executive Chef with United Airlines, when they had real meals on most US air carriers. As a child I always thought food was interesting. 
  • I remember as a child making toast and eggs over easy. As an adult, I love experiencing foods from around the world. Cooking takes on a new meaning. 
  • Being able to create foods that are a joy for the eye as well as the taste buds can be a challenge. That challenge, is what chefs all over the world seek to meet.
  • I have been to countless kitchens, studied with a number of good chefs and some not so good. I like learning from the local chefs and or cooks so I can understand just what makes them do what they do. 
  • Each has their own lessons that they have learned as a part of their experiences. I have tried to learn from these people to not only make better food but to be a better person.
  • It was once said that "we only do what we know" so the more we know, the better we are, both in work and in life.

Where did you go to School?
  • Le Cordon Bleu/Paris and Portland, Oregon