Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Deviled Eggs

This time of year Easter is upon us and we get colorful and creative. What better why then with colorful eggs. These simple and bright Easter Deviled eggs can turn not only the outside but the inside into a Easter palette. But first, we need to create the canvas for our creations.
Cooking eggs has been a constant battle. Do you use fresh? Old? With vinegar? Without? Do you cover the eggs with water? Do you slow cook them? Well really to cook a hard egg... and that is what we are doing, then first we have to understand the cooking method that works best. In our case steam is our friend. To be more precise, cooking our eggs in a steamer basket will do the job. Steam creates more of a softer method then boiling. It allows for even heat with out the eggs becoming hard and rubbery. And we all have seen the green coating around the yoke after we boil eggs. That green ring is caused by the protein level of the yolk getting over cooked and creating a breakdown of compounds and creating a sulfur ring. Think back to smelling rotten eggs.... remember the smell of sulfur?  Well the same thing happens when you boil the eggs over a high temp for a long time.
So assemble about 6-8 eggs and place them into a steamer basket and steam them for about 10 min.
cool over cold water and peel. Now cut in half the eggs and pop out the yokes into a separate bowl. With your nice egg whites, give them a little rinse then dry on a clean paper towel. Set out your containers for each color that you want to use. Make sure that the containers are deep enough for the colored water to go half way up before you dip your eggs. Select the colors you want. I have found that using the pastel food colors that you can find in the mega-mart works great for this application.
Next boil some water and then fill each container with the hot water to the half way mark. Add your food color, one or two drops per dipping container. Let the dipping container cool then take your hard steamed half whites and dip in the dipping container. It doesn't take long, about 15-30 sec for the color to adhere to the white. Remove from the dipping container and place on a paper towel to dry.
 With your yolks in a separate bowl, make your filling by adding a little mayonnaise, mustard and salt. Mix and then pipette into the colorful "whites" using a pastry bag and a star tip.
 Colorful Easter Deviled eggs for everyone and sure to bring a smile to your next Easter brunch!

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