Sunday, November 11, 2012

Simple Thanks

Cornish Game Hen with Rosemary
This Thanksgiving do something different. Serve a half of a Cornish game hen on each of your guests plate, instead of the traditional 20 lb. turkey. It's fast, easy and provides each guest with ample white meat.Served on a bed of herbed risotto with traditional green bean casserole and sweet potatos, your guests will be amazed at how you were able to make a great Thanksgiving dinner with out spending hours in the kitchen.

You will not find Cornish game hens in the wild. In fact, the breed didn’t exist before the mid-1950s when Alphonsine (“Therese”) and Jacques Makowsky bred Cornish game cocks with domesticated chickens on their Connecticut farm. But the diminutive chickens (and that’s what they are) have come to epitomize elegance and single-serving perfection on American tables.