Friday, May 20, 2011

Inside the White House: The Kitchen Garden

It is often said that the White House is all about tending to the needs of the President and family. But just as often, the White House has become a place to reflect the relationship of the First Family to the ideals and ideas that reside from within.

The last Garden to be planted at the White House was during the Roosevelt administration, and even then it was a VERY small area. Today Michelle Obama spearheads the White House Kitchen Garden.

(video courtesy - The White House)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Good Egg

Fresh Farm Eggs
May is National Egg month. Why the month of May was selected considering that the highest egg purchased is in April, right before Easter, is any ones guess. But this little package of protein has a higher level of healthy fuel compared to any energy drink that is filled with mostly sugar and caffeine.
Eggs are one of those foods that shares a function as well as a debate. Can one even imagine lemon merguine pie without the Merguine? Custards, omelets, pies and even some breads have relied on this shelled wonder.