Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Markets

Farmers Market - Portland Oregon

It is always great to visit the local farmers market. Recently, I made my way to my farmers market downtown and I was happy to see so many people supporting the market. Its good to see people taking an interest in the offerings from their community farmers.
Some people will argue that prices are higher and that the variety of fruits and vegetables can be slim to none as compared to your local and often cheaper mega-mart. Granted, there is a little bit of a higher cost, but I can guarantee that the freshnesss is worth the extra few cents. As to the variety of offerings, well it is a "local" Farmers Market. Your local area farmers may well have items that are only grown in your area. So, if your looking for let's say... avocados in North Dakota, it's most likely NOT going to show up in your area Farmers Market. Check with the local paper or community newsletter about Farmers Markets in your area. If there is not a local Market, then maybe this would be a great time to contact the town or city leadership and see if they would be interested in supporting one. Maybe with your efforts, the town square can one day become the center of getting to know your neighbors via a community market. Either way, Farmers Markets around the country are starting to see a rise in patrons, something that the European countries as well as most of the rest of the world already knew. Maybe we should take note.

Here is a day in the life of a Farmers Market... in timelaspse

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