Saturday, January 30, 2010

Around the world - Live

This is a Live picture from Paris using a web cam application on my iPhone. I was in Portland, Oregon at 8:46 am and it was 5:46 pm in Paris.
The world of information transmission has exploded to the point that one can now do ALMOST anything LIVE from almost ANYWHERE!
Now if we could only transmit taste and smell, well then that would be an experience!

Imagine to electronically travel around the world and being able to use your senses to experience the pastry in France, the curry in India or the fresh seafood in Alaska.

So Steve Jobs, you have your work cut out for you on the next project. Maybe you can call it the ISense!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Measuring up

It is said that "cooking is magic and baking is science". That is even more sound advise when you look at some cookbooks that never seem to agree on amounts.
Often cookbooks have terms like, "rounded tablespoon" or "cup of sifted flour", a "dash" a "pinch" or even a "sprinkle" of this or that. So what are these terms and how much ARE these amounts?
It's easy when you're cooking to add most of these amounts as we go along. You need a dash of salt, you reach over to you salt cellar and "dash" some salt between your thumb and forefinger and add it to the dish. You need a pinch  of something? Grab a little more between your fingers. If you need a sprinkle of some thing, grab the tin of spice and sprinkle some on your favorite food! All pretty easy, huh? Well if you were your mother or grandmother cooking or baking was pretty simple. They often did not rely on a cookbook, but on first person instruction. It was with the advent of modern cookbooks that the need arose to quantify those abscure terms.
You can find some measuring spoons with the amounts at your local specility shop or you can just remember the following. A sprinkle is less than a dash and a dash is less than a pinch. For those of us that need the exact amounts spinkle = 1/32 of a teaspoon, dash = 1/16 of a teaspoon and a pinch = 1/8 of a teaspoon.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting Started

Like many in the field, we chefs often find ourselves writing down impromptu scribblings ranging from dates to remember, supplies to order, to recipes that we want to revise or file away or even make some day.

Wether you are from the old school like Burt Wolf or have re-discovered the benefits of keeping a notebook, this blog is kind of my way to keep a notebook of ideas, thoughts, recipes or anything else that I may want to keep or pass you.
So sit back, visit often, say hi, drop me a note or two and let's see where we can go.